The Mission

Our primary purpose is to provide a network of resources in order to improve the lives of individuals with special needs, with a primary focus on underprivileged and disabled children, so that they can grow and prosper in order to reach their fullest potential.

The Foundation

Grant's Gift Foundation was formed by a group of friends who decided that they could make a difference in the lives of children with special needs in South Louisiana, specifically in St. Tammany Parish. As simple as that may sound; the history leading to its formation is a bit more involved and the story is quite compelling. Let us start at the beginning so that you can understand the true passion of this foundation and be confident that every dollar raised will be used to directly impact a family and child with special needs.

Michael and Angie de la Houssaye are the proud parents of the one-and-only, Grant, a child with special needs. In early 2009, the de la Houssaye family realized that in order for Grant to enjoy a simple bike ride with his parents and two siblings, they needed to purchase him a custom bike. These adaptive bicycles that allow children with special needs to be more independent and in control are very expensive. Michael and Angie reached out to their family and friends who even planned a small party to help them raise the money. But before they even had the party, through the generosity of their family and friends, they had reached their goal and Grant was riding his new custom, “very cool” bike. Since the party was no longer needed to raise money for Grant’s bike, Michael and Angie along with a few friends decided not to cancel the party but rather use it to help raise money to help others with similar issues, and thus the beginning of our foundation.

The event was coined, "Cards-4-Kids" and it has become an annual charity event benefiting children with special needs. Each of the past 5 years this event has raised significant funds which have gone directly to improving the lives of many children with special needs in South Louisiana. We accomplish this through the generosity of our sponsors and donors, casino proceeds, and event entry, and silent auction items. All of this would not be possible without a dedicated group of board members and volunteers. Everything considered, the event has been a huge success and has led to the formation of what is now Grant's Gift Foundation.