Gunner's Dream

Grant’s Gift Foundation, along with the assistance from Wyndham Hotels, Ballard Brands, Big Fish Charters and Wish To Fish Foundation, have helped make a young boy's dreams come true.  

Gunner is 12 years old and has a life-long immune disorder, which manifests itself in chronic skin infections—abscesses, boils, cellulitis, etc.  Because of this, he is unable to play outside, to go to school, even to swim in warm water. It’s a vicious cycle because another byproduct of his immune disorder is that antibiotics do not work like they normally do.  His body becomes immune to them, so it takes longer and longer to heal the skin infections.  His disease very rare, affecting only around 250/300 people in the world. 

Grant's Gift Foundation brought Gunner and his family to New Orleans on Thursday, September 3, 2014 and they stayed at the Wyndham New Orleans in the French Quarter for two nights.  Gunner's wish list was pretty simple, he wanted to catch the biggest fish he could find, but we had some other things in store for him, as well.  First things first, when you come to NOLA . . . Ya gotta eat!  Gunner and his family started with a dinner at Deuce McAllister's Ole Saint restaurant where they enjoyed some of the best food in the city in an environment that embraces the essence of the city while featuring the memorabilia of Deuce McAllister's career with the New Orleans Saints and Ole Miss Rebels. 

The next day, Gunner and his father enjoyed a day of fishing with Captain C.T. from Big Fish Charters in partnership with the Wish to Fish Foundation.  

Gunner wrestled in two determined Jack Crevalle's that he fought for a total of 120 minutes with a huge smile on his face.  Nothing could have been more exciting and rewarding for Gunner and his father.  Gunner's Mom and younger sister were provided with some spending money to enjoy some local activities and shopping in the city.   

Once they finished fishing, and taking a nice long nap, Gunner was given another surprise at the Wyndham when Deuce McAllister himself came by to meet Gunner and his family, sign a football and takes photos.   It was another special moment that this family will cherish forever.

This trip would not of been possible without the help of:


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