Mary Payton, Beautiful Angel

Last week, a beautiful and amazing family laid to rest their sweet angel, Mary Payton Vigil. She was only 11 years old but in her short life had such a huge impact on so many others.

Mary Payton was born a healthy baby developing normally until at the age of three when she started developing symptoms. She was eventually diagnosed with Batten Disease, a rare, progressive disease, that last week took her life. The Mary Payton Foundation was one of the first charities we donated to after forming our foundation and since then our relationship with them has grown. This family is a true inspiration and our thoughts and prayers go out to them. If you would like to learn more about Batten Disease, you can visit

Mary Payton Foundation Mission

The mission of this foundation is to help provide funding for treatment to families whose lives have drastically been altered due to this devastating disease. We will provide support for research in order to one day find a cure for LINCL so that no child will have to bear this burden. We envision a world where every child affectedby Batten Disease will receive treatment to relieve symptoms of the disease and potentially reverse it's devastating effects. We will raise national awareness of this disease through news media, word of mouth, email and whatever deemed necessary in order to increase funding for research and make it possible for miracles to occur. MPMF will raise funds and awareness through grants, fundraising events, public and private donations to ensure support for families who need assistance is available. We will provide grant opportunities for families whose lives have been unalterably affected by LINCL. Mary Payton's Miracle Foundation believes that providing support for research to occur will lead to an eventual cure for LINCL. As people become aware of the disease and share their resources, knowledge and skills, a network dedicated to the hope for a cure will grow. We are determined and will not give up.


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