Adventurer Series Bike for DeJavon

DeJavon is a love-able happy little boy. He was a normal walking child until a life changing experience, as a toddler, caused him to stop walking and now his left side is contrasted. Although is us currently unable to walk, DeJavon has overcome many obstacles and is determined to change his situation. The Adventurers Series Bike from Freedom Concepts ( will provide DeJavon with a way to strengthen his legs more and possibly help him walk again. Most of all, his new bike provides a feeling a independence and excitement that he could not otherwise experience.

Typically for riders ages 14 and up, the Adventurer Series provides an added dimension of support and comfort for the mature rider. Each model in the Adventurer Series features our walk-through design which minimizes obstacles for transferring on and off of the bike. Learn more about this product from Freedom Concepts on their website (