Hanna McGill's New Wheelchair

Grant’s Gift Foundation received a Gift Request through our foundation's website for a wheelchair that would have cost $5000 to $6000. By reaching out to our supporters, we were able to find an identical pre-owned wheelchair that matched her needs. We contracted an authorized dealer to modify a donated chair for much less than a new one and get Hannah what she needed. 

The donating family had a child that had outgrown the chair and had just purchased a new one. Grant's Gift Foundation received the wheelchair as a donation and the family was able to use this donation as a tax write-off for the fair market value of the wheelchair.  We would like to encourage all of our supporters to consider this type of donation. It is a win-win situation that keeps our costs down and allows our foundation to help more families and children with special needs.

You can contact us directly through the website if you would like to support us in our mission.