Jordan Landry's New Bike!

Jordan was born at 24 weeks, and had Grade 4 bleed in her brain that resulted in cerebral palsy. Her parents brought her home from the hospital at 3 months old, and were able to adopt her when she was 2. After meeting Jordan, it is clear that she is a determined girl who has been through a lot. The doctors told her that she would never, walk, talk, or roll over. She's able to do all of these things now because she's worked so hard, but recently she had major surgery to break both of her legs to turn them the right way. She's in the process of learning to walk again, and she's already beating the doctor's estimates of when she'll be able to be independent again.

Jordan has achieved a lot in her life, but she hasn't been able to ride a bike because of her balance issues. Jordan's parents initially met with a representative from Freedom Concepts to get an estimate on a special needs bike that would be a perfect fit for her. Their hearts were broken when they realized that they would be unable to afford the new bike due to the cost. As the proud parents of three kids with special needs, there was simply no way for them to spend that much money on equipment that insurance would not cover. After seeking assistance from other charities that assist families in these types of situations, Jordan's parents reached out to Grant's Gift Foundation using our Gift Request Form.

Her parents wrote, "Jordan really wants to be like other kids. She has asked to ride a bike so she can keep up with her siblings. We tried to let her ride a bike with training wheels while we assisted her, but the bike tips much too easily. She "wants to go fast", and I really think that it would help her feel free and strong." Well, as you can see here, Jordan got her bike and is now enjoying the rush of going FAST!