Juliana's Hi-Tech Television

Juliana Barrosse is an adorable non-verbal 21 years old who has a severe mental disability, mild/moderate hearing loss and Exotropia. Juliana has overcome many medical obstacles, surgeries and hospitalization due to her fragile health. To provide Juliana with independence in selecting her favorite shows, and being able to hear them.

Juliana's parents completed the GIFT REQUEST form on our website and Grant’s Gift Foundation awarded her a 43” television with Bluetooth capability to support her hearing aid, an amplifier and a switch adapted/controlled remote system. The Northshore Community Foundation’s Youth in Philanthropy girls were on hand to help present this gift to Juliana who was just as sweet as she could be. Her precious mother said that this was a gift for the whole family because the sound is piped directly into Juliana's hearing aid and now they did not have to blare it to the rafters in order for Juliana to hear it.

Grant’s Gift Foundation to have the Northshore Foundation holding and managing the fund for us. We are only a small part of this amazing organization that makes such a positive impact on our community.

The Grant’s Gift Foundation raises money and awareness to benefit children with special needs and a primary focus on underprivileged and disabled children so they can grow and prosper in order to reach their fullest potential. To learn more about this organization, visit www.grantsgiftfoundation.org.