The story of Elijah and his New Bike

Elijah LeBlanc is a precious, happy 10 year old who has been diagnosed with some pretty scary stuff: spastic diplegia cerebral palsy, methylmalonia academia, chronic kidney disease (stage 4), strokes and spatic dislocation of his left hip. Elijah uses many assisted devices such as a wheel chair, rolling walker, and braces.

Due to Elijah’s increased spasticity, loss of range of motion, and decline in overall function he was awarded an EHDU 16 Upright Handcycle by the Grant’s Gift Foundation. This is not your normal ‘special’ bike. It is the mac-daddy of special bikes and he was just thrilled to hop on and take a spin.

The Northshore Community Foundation’s Youth in Philanthropy girls were on hand to witness the joy and excitement as Elijah received this awesome gift. For a kid who has a lot of pretty scary diseases, he was an absolute delight to be around and infected us all with his positivity and wit. Grant’s Gift Foundation to have the Northshore Foundation holding and managing the fund for us. We are only a small part of this amazing organization that makes such a positive impact on our community.

Grant’s Gift Foundation raises money and awareness to benefit children with special needs and a primary focus on underprivileged and disabled children so they can grow and prosper in order to reach their fullest potential. To learn more about this organization, visit