DeJavon's New Bike is Shipping!

Excellent!!! We are SO excited! I feel like I need to pinch myself. LOL Thank you so very much. There just aren't words...
I just can't thank you enough. I told her physical therapist that she may be getting one, and she said that's the best thing she could have to rehab from her latest surgery. Thank you so much! We're so excited!!
September 18, 2014
Heather Landry

Adding Smiles to the Children

On behalf of the students, parents, faculty and staff of Whispering Forest, I would like to thank you for your generous donation to our school from the Cards4Kids Fund.  This money will be used to upgrade the projectors in several of our special education classes.

Our school takes great pride in providing all of our students with the best education using the best technology in the process.  Instructional technology has improved the lives and learning of all of our students, but none so much as those with special needs.  We wanted to use the funds in a way that would have the most immediate impact.  The purchase of the projectors proved to be the right choice.

Your support did add smiles to children at Whispering Forest.  Thank you, again, for your support of our young people and our school.


Eric S. Sacks, Principal
Whispering Forest Elementary School

Gifts for Grayson

Cards 4 Kids, 

I can not thank you guys enough for your donation on behalf of my son Grayson Stilwell.  He loves the bike, iPad and the love you guys have shown to him and our family.  He will get much use out of the bike and the iPad to communicate better!

Thank you again,

TD, Danielle, Braylee & Grayson Stilwell

Lancaster Elementary's Sensory Motor Room

I want to thank you so much for the generous and kind donation you have given to Lancaster.  Your charity organization has been there for us since the very beginning.  From providing additional money for our playground to buying technology and various materials for the special needs classes, you have continued to support our special education program.  

The $500.00 donation will be put to great use this year.  We are in the middle of creating a sensory motor room that children with sensory needs can visit and utilize at any time.  We currently have two reduced numbers classes and one moderate class.  My students will absolutely benefit from and love this new room. 

Thank you again for your kind and generous donation.  Please feel free to stop in and check out our progress with the sensory motor room.


Susannah Welch, Principal
Lancaster Elementary School

Project Independence

On behalf of Project Independence and the community we support, please accept our sincere appreciation for your generous gift of $1,000.00.  

Since 2003, Project Independence has supported many families caring for a family member diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, the fastest growing developmental disability affecting 1 in 88.  Although, we primarily started out assisting the autism community, it became evident throughout the year's of hosting our annual Camp Independence that all special needs citizens could benefit from our services regardless of age or disability.

After 10 years of being established, our goal of building group homes in a community setting was achieved by joining forces with the Milne Foundation Homes currently being built in Waldheim, LA.  As official partners of this organization, we are happy to be involved in raising funds for a possible Equestrian and Community center that would be located on this beautiful campus allowing children and adults with special needs to experience recreational and social programs.  Funds from your organization will go directly toward this effort and we will keep you informed of our progress.

Yours in service,

Carol Mesa, President & Founder
Project Independence

Special Education Teachers Will Benefit

Thank you very much for your generous donation from the Cards4Kids Fund.  The $500.00 donation will help our Special Education teachers meet the needs of the individual students in their classrooms.  We greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness and support for the students and faculty of Mandeville High School and our community.


Bruce Bundy, Principal
Mandeville High School

Thanks from the Children of Hope House

Thank you for the $400 gift from the Cards 4 Kids Fund during that was presented during the Crawfish Cookoff at St. Paul's.  Thank you very much for again remembering the Children's Advocacy Center and the children who come to us.  As you know, children with disabilities are so vulnerable to predators - trusting and loving as the children usually are.   Your gift ensures that when we need an interpreter or special training in the interviewing or counseling of the children, the funds are there for us.

Thank you again.  Sincerest appreciation,

Liz Taurman / Development Director
Hope House

The Ability to Communicate

My name is Timothy Thompson.  I would like to thank the Cards4Kids charity for their, more than generous, gift to my child, Timmy, who has 18th chromosomal deletion.  He will be using this device to communicate with us, his family, and whenever it is needed.  Also, we would like to thank Angels on Earth for helping Cards4Kids with the purchase of my son's iPad and the iTunes cards to purchase the app that gives him the ability to talk to us.  Thank you both so very much!!!

Tim Thompson

The Opportunity to Play Ball!

I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate your generous donation of $1600.00 on behalf of the Cards4Kids Fund to help the Miracle League North Shore break ground for the long awaited baseball complex for children with special needs throughout the Northshore area.  Your gift will help hundreds of children with physical or cognitive disabilities participate in a team sport for the first time.

Many youngsters with special needs have longed for the opportunity to play ball, but have been prevented from doing so by their limitations.  Your gift will help these children play ball in a league specially designed to allow them to participate on equal footing with other challenged youngsters.  In other words, it will provide a level playing field where children with disabilities can hit, run and catch --- just like the best of 'em.

Again, thanks for your donation and your gift helps open a door to a childhood activity that has preiously been closed for them, and for that, I am grateful.


Gina Lorio, Executive Director
The Miracle League North Shore

With Special Thanks

For everything you've done... for being the special people that your are... thank you so very much.

Yolonda & Myranish

Your Commitment to Our Students

Thank you for your donation to the students at Covington High School.  Your generosity will assist in providing additional resources for our students in our special needs program.  Thank you also for the work you do in raising funds through your Cards4Kids foundation.  Our school appreciates your continues commitment to our students, schools, and community.


Roslyn Hanson, Principal
Covington High School

Your donation is hearfelt

We would like to thank you and Cards4Kids Fund of the Northshore Community Foundation for the very kind donation of $500.00 to Madisonville Elementary.  This is truly a wonderful gift.  Your generosity will directly benefit our special needs classrooms by being able to purchase additional supplies and materials.

Knowing that you have chosen Madisonville Elementary to share in this wonderful donation is heartfelt.  We would like you to know that your thoughtfulness is truly making a difference in the lives of so many students.


Mrs. Phyllis Stephens, Principal
Madisonville Elementary School